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Brisingr Review

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British Literature

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British Literature

For example, "He's not bad looking" could express that someone is gorgeous—or could convey that he's neither. The five main elements in a heroic epic can be found in the story of Beowulf. The supernatural elements in the story are Beowulf and Grendel.

Grendel is the evil infamous killer and Beowulf is the hero.

Poem of the Masses

Tolkien's translation of Beowulf dropped today, and goodness gracious is it a beautiful thing. Not only the poetic-prose translation itself (in prose form, but with an ear to how long sentences are and to alliteration), but copious footnotes by Christopher Tolkien about the translation and its composition from the existent manuscripts that JRR had left behind; a couple hundred pages of lecture.

Alliteration is the repetition of beginning consonant sounds in two or more words. Common, exaggerated examples are children's tongue twisters. Alliteration in literature is usually more subtle, and in "Beowulf", nearly every line utilizes the device.

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