Essay on treacher collins syndrome

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What is Apert syndrome?

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What is Treacher Collins syndrome?

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Treacher Collins Syndrome is an inherited syndrome that affects the facial structure and features. The characteristics of individuals face with TCS are very distinct. It is very common for people with TCS to have some degree of hearing loss.

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What is Treacher Collins syndrome?

Craniosynostosis (from cranio, cranium; + syn, together; + ostosis relating to bone), sometimes called craniostenosis, is a condition in which one or more of the fibrous sutures in an infant (very young) skull prematurely fuses by turning into bone (ossification), thereby changing the growth pattern of the skull.

Because the skull cannot expand perpendicular to the fused suture, it compensates. What is Treacher Collins Syndrome? What is Treacher Collins Syndrome? What is the cause? What are possible treatments if any?

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Essay on treacher collins syndrome
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Treacher Collins syndrome: Causes, symptoms, and treatment