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Paul's First Missionary Journey

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Three Missionary Journeys Paul’s ministry after Christ death and resurrection was filled with travels and meeting with people all over the land of that time.

Paul the Apostle

The First Missionary Journeys of Paul. Directed by the Holy Spirit Paul and Barnabas traveled from their home base in Antioch, Syria to Seleucia, Cyprus and Pathos.

A. In Pathos they found Bar Jesus (Elymas), a Jewish false prophet who claimed to be sorcerer and attempted to discredit their /5(2). Jul 02,  · Essay on Paul’s Missionary Journeys Essay on Paul's Missionary Journeys Paul is one of the most significant contributors to the New Testament and one of the most eager supporters and promoters of Christianity in the ancient world.

Paul the Apostle (Latin: The author of Acts arranges Paul's travels into three separate journeys. The first journey, [Acts 13–14] led initially by Barnabas, took Paul from Antioch to Cyprus then into southern Asia Minor (Anatolia), and finally returning to Antioch.

Essays on pauls three missionary journeys
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What were the different missionary journeys of Paul?