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R. K. Narayan

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- R.K. Narayan's Presentation of Indian Society in His Stories R.K. Narayan is an Indian novelist and short story writer who writes in English.

His novels show how the lives of ordinary Indian people reflect the greater concerns of national identity and historical change. Postcolonial Indian Literature in English: Narayan, Jhabvala, Rushdie - Postcolonial Indian Literature in English: Narayan, Jhabvala, Rushdie Indian literature in English which is accessible to us in the West, still has its roots in colonial literature and the tensions between East and West.

R. K. Narayan (–), born and educated in India, was the author of fourteen novels, numerous short stories and essays, a memoir, and three retold hopebayboatdays.com work, championed by Graham Greene, who became a close friend, was often compared to that of Dickens, Chekhov, Faulkner, and Flannery O'Connor, among others.

Narayan’s The English Teacher was published inseven years after The Dark Room. Probably it was the shattering blow that he received in the death of his wife Rajam, which rendered him incapable of sustained artistic effort, and during this interval he could write only short stories and sketches.

The English Teacher is an [ ]. R.

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K. Narayan (10 October – 13 May ), full name Rasipuram Krishnaswami Iyer Narayanaswami, was an Indian writer known for his works set in the fictional South Indian town of Malgudi.

He was a leading author of early Indian literature. Article shared by. The Guide is the most popular novel of R.K. Narayan. It was published inand won the Sahitya Akademy Award for It has also been filmed and .

R k narayan essays
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Short Summary of “The Guide” by R.K. Narayan